Printing Price of Commercial Printing

Technology and the price of commercial printing

The commercial printing industry has always relied on technology to get the job done, and now thanks to the evolution of the technology, many commercial printers can offer services at lower prices. New internet communication technologies and the creation of digital plates makes specialised printing that wasn’t even offered a decade ago affordable for many more business owners, big or small.

Digital plates are really the main focus in this price decrease. Instead of having to create a set of four physical plates for CMYK print jobs, the image is sent digitally to the printing machine. Doing this saves money and time by allowing the image to be changed multiple times, without having to create a new set of plates.

Another key component in affordable commercial printing is the use of internet in both the creative and sales processes. Today many clients upload their design straight to the printers by a click of a button making it much easier for both parties involved. Because the internet is available, the number of 24/7 orders have increased for many printers allowing many such as S2 Print & Design to offer their services at more affordable prices.

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